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Castle of the Counts of Robilant (Castello dei Conti di Robilant)

Address: Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 10, 14020 Robella AT, Italia
Email: info@castellodirobella.it
Of great interest is the castle, built as a defense center and recently transformed into a residential structure. • Availability: private property | o...
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Chapel of Bric Macagnone (Cappella del Bric Macagnone)

Address: 14020 Robella AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 993003
On the top of Bric Macagnone, there is a chapel, located in a valuable place for the view that it enjoys. Said artifact - as well as for its own value...
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Chapel of St. Francis (Cappella di San Francesco)

Address: Via Radicati, 11, 14020 Robella AT, Italia
The Chapel of St. Francis is located at the Robella cemetery. Built in the 16th century, it has a carved, painted and gilded wooden altar inside. Insi...
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Church of St. Anne (Chiesa di Sant'Anna)

Address: Borgata Case del Bosco, 14020 Robella AT, Italia
The church stands in a panoramic position. Insights BeWeb - Beni Ecclesiastici in WEB https://beweb.chiesacattolica.it/ GAL BMA - Gruppo di Azione Loc...
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Church of St. Eusebius (Chiesa di Sant'Eusebio)

Address: Frazione Coriglione, Via Savoia, 14020 Robella AT, Italia
In the hamlet of Cortiglione you can admire the Church of St. Eusebius dating from 1500-1600. It was once the little church of the Castle and before t...
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Church of St. James the Apostle (Chiesa di San Giacomo Apostolo)

Address: Via Robilant, 14020 Robella AT, Italia
Near the entrance to the manor house is the parish church of St. James the Apostle, which is of ancient foundation but has been remodeled several time...
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Panoramic point | Robella (Strada Provinciale 21a)

Address: Strada provinciale 21/a, 14020 Robella AT, Italia
From the Strada Provinciale 21a, towards the south-west, it is possible to observe in a privileged position the Church of St. Grato (in the hamlet of ...
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